Brad T. Bush

Brad T. Bush
Brad T. Bush is a musician and writer from Portland, Oregon. He's been singing in bands since high school, and playing guitar since his early 20s. More recently he's been part of various hip-hop projects, notably CAC and Sticks Downey. Though he isn't big on formal training, his experience making beats, writing and performing raps, and producing records for Sticks Downey has developed his ear in a wide variety of musical directions. Never shy with his opinion or short of examples, Brad writes about what makes songs work and how disparate parts can come together to create something special. You can check out more of Brad's writing at his music blog, Stallion Alert and the Sly Records Weekly Waste. And listen to Sticks Downey tracks at or CD Baby.

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Introducing: Brad T. Bush

Hey folks. My name’s Brad, and I’m a musician and writer from Portland, Oregon. I started singing in bands when I was in high school, and have been playing guitar since my early 20s. I’ve also been involved in a few different hip-hop projects for the...

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