Stay In.   Play On!

Christopher Sutton
Director, Musical U

“Right now millions of people around the world are choosing to stay in and help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If you’re like most of our members here at Musical U you’re facing extra time at home, with the regular music activities you rely on being cancelled…

I invite you to join us at Musical U where we’ll be providing new free training every day to help you stay engaged in fun and effective music learning, connect with other music learners around the globe, and come out of this a more creative, expressive and empowered musician.

We’re collaborating with world-leading music educators and independent music teachers to help us all stay immersed in the powerful force for good that music can be in our lives. 

Together we can stay connected.

Stay positive.

And stay musical.


Stay in. Play on!

Unleash the musicality you have inside.

Online training that makes you more musical.

Musical U exists to fill a gap in music education: to teach the inner skills which let you feel like a “natural” in music, including playing by ear, improvising, composing, musical confidence and expressiveness.

Through our podcast “Musicality Now”, thousands of free articles and tutorials, a flagship membership program and dedicated online courses, we help passionate adult musicians to tap into their “inner natural” and develop their true musicality.

“The science is clear: “talent” is a myth. And all the exciting musical skills that people assume require a gift are, in fact, learnable. Every day inside Musical U we see regular people learning to play by ear, improvise, perform with confidence, jam with others – and start to feel like they truly are a “natural” in music.”

– Musical U Director, Christopher Sutton

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Musicality Now

Discover the most powerful tools, strategies and insights with Musical U director Christopher Sutton and more than 100 of the world’s leading experts on developing your musicality.

Featuring world-leading experts:

Jermaine Griggs

Jermaine Griggs

Hear And Play

Glory St. Germain

Glory St. Germain

Ultimate Music Theory

Marshall McDonald

Marshall McDonald

The Count Basie Orchestra

Dame Evelyn Glennie

Dame Evelyn Glennie

The World's Premiere Solo Percussionist

Professor Anders Ericsson

Professor Anders Ericsson

Leading Scientific Researcher on "Talent"

Noa Kageyama

Noa Kageyama

The Bulletproof Musician

Gerald Klickstein

Gerald Klickstein

The Musician's Way

Steve Myers

Steve Myers

Theta Music Trainer

Paul Wertico

Paul Wertico

Grammy-Award-winning drummer

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Joining Musical U gives you instant access to all the training materials you need to succeed.

You also benefit from a friendly, supportive community of like-minded musicians and have unlimited personal help from an expert team to ensure you keep moving forwards.


Inside Musical U you’ll find over 50 training modules organised into six Roadmaps which guide you through developing in-depth musicality.

“Perfect for what I wanted to do gain a full understanding of music in order to become a better all-round musician”

Fermin F.

“Since becoming a member I’ve really gotten into rhythm, had success with melodic intervals and chord progressions and I can now quite easily pick out a tune by ear.”

Carol G.

“I can now recognize some chord progression in popular music and I listen more closely to songs on the radio. This helps me be more musical as I can use it when writing new songs.”

Brian M.

“I feel a eureka moment of understanding. I now understand the value of ear training and am equipped with the knowledge and tools to fully appreciate and analyse music.”

Kevin B.

Training Course

Foundations of a Musical Mind

Rebuild your relationship with music from scratch, putting in place new and empowering mental models for understanding music instinctively.

In six weeks you’ll be able to easily and intuitively relate all the notes you hear to notes you play, notes you sing, notes you read/write, and notes you improvise or compose yourself.

“How Fun! Made me feel like a kid again.”

– Bob G.

Foundations student

“Ok what magic is this?”

– Jean-Loup R.

Foundations student

“Great course. Easy to understand.”

– Alejandro C.

Foundations student

“Unexpectedly easy to follow, took less time than I expected and I learnt a lot and enjoyed it.”

– Aliki K.

Foundations student

Training Course

The Musician’s Ear

Discover new depths, detail and structure in all the music you hear, play and love.

In six weeks you’ll wake up your ears and musical brain using the mighty skill of active listening and learn a four-dimensional framework for understanding how music is put together – and why it has the power it does.

“It is so interesting and the repertoire of music and genres, each in its own realm of superior artistry. Listening intently and in sync and submerging into the mix and flow of the music. 
My listening has improved much from the various sessions and exercises. I can hear myself talking and singing like never. Eureka!”
– Jerry S.

The Musician's Ear student

“I’m learning to play the piano as an older adult. I found the Handbook gave me a very good overview of what to listen for in a piece.

I’m still only in the first guide, but even with that I notice a clear improvement in my listening skills.”
– John O.

The Musician's Ear student

Meet the Team

Christopher Sutton

Founder and Director

“I grew up as “the musical one” in my class, learning to play several instruments and performing regularly with bands and orchestras.

But I never felt like a “real” musician.

I couldn’t freely play the music I heard or create my own music confidently. I’d listen to albums I loved and have no idea how that music was put together. It really frustrated me that the music I played seemed totally separate from the music I loved listening to.

Even though I was good at playing guitar and piano, I felt really limited because I had to go out and find sheet music before I could play songs – even the songs I listened to all the time and felt like I should know inside-out!

Then I discovered ear training and found that all those skills I’d desperately wanted – like playing notes and chords by ear, improvising and jamming along – were things you could learn.

The ear training process was old-fashioned and boring – but it was powerful.

That’s why I founded my company in 2009 – to bring ear training into the 21st century by using technology to make it fun and easy.

My mission is to help musicians who are struggling (like I was) to break free of their false limitations and bring out their true inner musicality.

→ Learn more about Christopher

Adam Liette

Adam Liette

Operations Manager

Adam Liette is a lifelong musician in many styles of music. He is a veteran of the United States Army Band and has performed all around the world, including for Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. A classically trained trumpet player and heavy metal guitarist, these days Adam enjoys teaching his children to love and appreciate music.

→ Learn more about Adam

Zac Bailey

Zac Bailey

Community Assistant

Zac has been DJ’ing, producing and rapping for almost 20 years. He’s had original songs and remixes released across multiple labels from all over the world under his moniker, ZSonic.

Dedicated to spreading the awareness of the turntable as an instrument, he has recently started a website focused on showcasing and teaching the musicality and art of the turntablist.

At Musical U Zac is a Community Assistant inside the membership site, helping others achieve their goals and discover how music can enrich their lives.

Stewart Hilton

Stewart Hilton

Community Conductor

Stewart has had a passion for music for many years and his enjoyment of guitar has given him to opportunities to play in a wide variety of styles. His appreciation of music has also been developed through teaching guitar, running sound, doing sales for music manufacturers, and mixing and producing his band’s latest CD. However, some of Stewart’s greatest satisfaction is being able to empower others to help them achieve their own personal success.

→ Learn more about Stewart

Sabrina Peña Young

Sabrina Peña Young

Contributing Educator

Award-winning composer Sabrina Peña Young is best known for her groundbreaking animated opera Libertaria. Her expertise spans over a decade and a half of commercial and classical music from jazz to folk to film soundtracks and dance electronica. She is a key contributor in the Musical U team, composing the music of the Unravelling Music training modules and creating resources to help members develop their natural sense of rhythm.

Andrew Bishko

Andrew Bishko

Product Manager

Andrew Bishko is a veteran of music performance and teaching, with a career spanning decades and a wide variety of genres. His current projects include HeartWinds (an acoustic jazz/world music duo), Mariachi Flor de MissouriThe Ozarks Klezmer Orkestr, and music minister / songwriter / composer in an all-original church music program.

→ Learn more about Andrew

Anastasia Voitinskaia

Anastasia Voitinskaia

Content Assistant

After years of forced classical conservatory piano training, something clicked with our Assistant Editor Anastasia Voitinskaia. She has since moved on to guitar, bass, Ableton Live, and Montreal’s bubbling music scene.

Together with Andrew and the team, Anastasia is responsible for the steady stream of informative content getting published on the Musical U website.

→ Learn more about Anastasia

instrument specialists

Resident Pros

Ruth Power

Ruth Power

Resident Pro for Piano

Ruth Power is a dynamic piano tutor and founder of a piano learning hub featuring short burst lessons inspired by the concept of micro-training.

Now based in New Zealand, Ruth has developed music education resources for the past 11 years and has worked with clients such as Rhinegold Education, Rockschool UK, Novello & Co, MusicRoom, Rock Star Recipes & the Royal Academy of Dance.

Her signature piano course ‘Songs By Ear’ teaches the fundamentals of playing by ear directly to the student in a way that is quick, easy, fun and all from your e-device or tablet.

Piano Picnic

Steve Lawson

Steve Lawson

Resident Pro for Bass

Steve Lawson is renowned above all else for his creativity and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the bass.

He has published over a dozen solo albums, regularly performs live, is a respected thought-leader on the future of music education, and is currently doing a PhD on the topic of improvisation.

Steve is known worldwide for his pioneering work in solo bass, employing techniques and technology to create fascinatingly rich recordings and live performances that sound nothing like you might expect from a bass guitar.

Steve Lawson

Clare Wheeler

Clare Wheeler

Resident Pro for Singing

Clare Wheeler is a former member of The Swingles (a.k.a. “The Swingle Singers”), arguably the most revered and respected a cappella group in the world.

As well as her extensive performing background in The Swingles, Clare also has a passion for teaching.

She has run workshops, directed choirs, and taught one-on-one, and she specialises in the two major areas we focus on for singers at Musical U: helping beginner-stage singers master pitching and gain confidence, and helping singers of all levels develop their musicality and ability to improvise and be creative in music.

Clare Wheeler Music

Dylan Welsh

Dylan Welsh

Resident Pro for Guitar

Dylan Welsh is an impressive figure in the Seattle music scene. He regularly performs live and records in studio, so he understands both the practicalities of being a working musician and the importance of investing in the bigger-picture skills of musicality.

Through providing online guitar lessons he is continually honing his own skills as a teacher and finding new ways to help students learn faster using the music they personally enjoy most.

Dylan Welsh Music