Brad T. BushHey folks. My name’s Brad, and I’m a musician and writer from Portland, Oregon.

I started singing in bands when I was in high school, and have been playing guitar since my early 20s. I’ve also been involved in a few different hip-hop projects for the last decade, with the current one being Sticks Downey, in which I make the beats, write and perform the raps, and produce and record the whole affair. A lot of the music I make with Sticks Downey is culled from different sources (samples, live instruments, programmed elements), and finding ways for it to all fit together in song form has taken my ear training to places I didn’t even know existed.

Along those lines, in my writing for the site I’ll focus on how the individual parts of a composition work within the whole, and how disparate sounds can often make perfect sense when placed in a context that suits them. I’ve never been big on formal training, so my perspectives won’t be weighed down with fancy terminology. I’m self-taught, but I’ve still got plenty to learn. Let’s make it happen.

You can read Brad’s first article, on the K-X-P track “Mehu Moments”, later this week.

In the mean time you can read more of his writing over at his music blog Stallion Alert, get the latest in wry pop culture commentary in the Sly Records Weekly Waste and listen to Sticks Downey tracks at or CD Baby.

Sticks Downey: When the Belt Changes Hands

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