Sophie Figgis

Sophie Figgis is a London-based musician, who has had a long and varied relationship with music for most of her life. Having originally received classical training for both piano and voice, she has since broadened her musical background to involve musical theatre, jazz and pop/rock. She then followed her passion for music through studying at Music College for her degree, specialising in popular music performance and song-writing. Sophie's interest in song-writing and composing began in her teens and has since continued to involve a portfolio of both solo and collaborative work, from electronic music through to jazz and pop. Her musical influences range from classical and film music, to trip-hop, soul and folk. No stranger to the importance of ear training, Sophie has made use of her training through both performing in and conducting choirs, producing session vocals in the studio and performing vocals live. All of this has involved having a clear understanding of pitch, harmony and rhythm, and ear training has helped her to continually improve her craft.

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