Ramona Cojocaru

Ramona Cojocaru is a composer, keyboard player, lyricist, singer and music teacher from Romania. She graduated the University of Arts George Enescu from Iassy, Romania, in 2012, but her musical career started long ago in kindergarten, when she loved performing in front of her colleagues and teachers. She also passionately works on a progressive rock cover band, Ten Years Gone and in a jazz-rock band soon to be released, ODD. She is an associated lyricist to MD SOUND Productions from Romania and she wrote the lyrics for the rock-opera The One Born from a Tear by Dan Spinu. Ramona loves studying everything related to music. In her 10 years of teaching activity, she has met students of different ages and levels and enjoyed working with every single one of them. She has made hopeless cases fall in love with the piano and turned other people’s long-standing dreams of playing the piano or composing into reality.

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