Singing in Tune

Being able to sing in tune is an essential skill for all musicians, whether or not you are “a singer”. Once you know you’re not tone deaf, what if you still sing off-key or out of tune? The answer is that you need to learn to match pitch, develop vocal control and learn to sing confidently, reliably and accurately.

How to Learn to Sing in Tune

Here’s the best place to start: a comprehensive all-in-one guide which provides a proven step-by-step process for learning to sing in tune: How to Learn to Sing in Tune.

How to Learn to Sing in Tune

Get The App

SingTrue app for iOS
SingTrue is the app which can teach anybody to sing. Even if you’re worried about being “tone deaf” or you’ve been told you’re “out of tune” or “off key” when you sing, this fun interactive app will quickly get you singing perfectly!

Singing Training at Musical U

Musical UInside Musical U you’ll find a set of training modules for developing your voice, from the fundamentals of singing in tune through to developing a good-sounding voice and gaining rock-solid confidence to sing in front of people.

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Learn to Sing Roadmap

Musical RoadmapsThis roadmap will help you learn to sing.
It won’t make you the next X-Factor superstar, but if you’ve ever thought maybe you can’t sing, you’ve worried about singing “in tune”, or you feel you just don’t have a “good voice”, this Roadmap will let you put those fears to rest once and for all.

You’ll also learn to relate singing to the wider world of music. If you play an instrument this will help you relate singing to what you already know and understand on your instrument. If you don’t play an instrument it will help you feel comfortable and confident singing in a musical context, such as with a backing track, a real band, or performing on stage.

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Training Modules for Singing in Tune


Match Pitch

Learn how to match pitch with your singing voice.

After completing this module: you will be able to easily and reliably sing back a note you have heard.


Vocal Control

Learn the fundamentals of controlling your voice when you sing, including breath support, accurate pitch leaps, and how to evaluate your own singing to keep improving.

After completing this module: you will be able to produce clear accurate notes when you sing.


Good Voice

Learn the 16 factors which contribute to having a “good” singing voice, identify which might be holding you back, and discover practical techniques you can use to improve them.

After completing this module: you will understand how to develop a good singing voice.

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