Match Pitch

Learn how to match pitch with your singing voice.

After completing this module: you will be able to easily and reliably sing back a note you have heard.

Learn three key phases to learning how to sing in tune. Develop your singing and pitch with musical exercises and ear training.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Finding Your Range
  3. Learn to Match Pitch
  4. Keeping it Steady
  5. Practice Notes
  6. Discussion

In this introductory lesson from Match Pitch you will learn some basic singing tips as well as the key three phases necessary to master good intonation.


If you’re not tone deaf – why can’t you sing?

There are many aspects to having a “nice” singing voice but without doubt the first thing to figure out is whether you have problems with pitch and tuning.

You passed the Tone Deaf Test so we know your ears can judge pitch well. This means you can now use them to evaluate your own voice.

Ultimately this is how you’ll sing in tune: by relying on your ears to keep your voice on target. In time this will become automatic and subconscious for you, and you will easily sing in tune naturally. At first though you will need a helping hand and to pay careful attention.

There are three phases to learning to sing in tune:

  • Learn to Match Pitch. This means that you hear a note and can then sing that same note. We’ll use tools and exercises to help you learn this skill.
  • Learn Vocal Control. Once you can sing a single note in tune, it’s time to start learning to move your voice accurately from one note to the next.
  • Sing Songs. With your new vocal control you can start to sing actual songs, for yourself and for others.
    This module focuses on the first phase, learning to match pitch.

Once you have mastered the pitch aspect of singing, there are still other aspects of the voice which differentiate an average singer from an excellent one, such as tone, phrasing, expression, enunciation, and much more. But without accurate pitching, there is no point practising these other aspects – your voice will still sound amateurish (and possibly even unpleasant) to your listener!

Focus on accurate pitching first, and the rest will follow.

Ready? Let’s learn to match pitch!

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“I’ve gradually been becoming better. I’ve noticed (without trying much) that I sing much less sharp than I did initially. I also match the exact pitch more often (shows green on my tuner), which is cool.”
“Interesting to hear how flat i was initially…getting better already. Still hard to get the pitch steady. Will keep working on this.”

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