How do you feel about sight-singing? To be handed a sheet of music and expected to sing it, perfectly, right off the bat?

Or, stepping back, how do you feel about singing in general? Maybe even singing a familiar song seems a bit intimidating to you.

Today on the show we’re joined by Dale Duncan, also known as “Mr. D” online, who is the creator of a popular method for teaching sight-singing, specifically to grade-school students – perhaps one of the most self-conscious groups of students you can imagine to try to get singing!

We were desperate to pick Dale’s brains on how exactly he approaches this and how he’s able to quickly get young people up to an impressive level of sight-singing that has them winning competitions and sight-singing material that the vast majority of experienced adult singers would struggle with.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • How he helps students who struggle to sing in tune and why he never requires members of his choir to sing solo.
  • One core technique he uses to teach sight-singing, and how it enables you to practice sight-singing independent of score notation.
  • And the clever way he helps students to integrate their pitch and rhythm skills when sight-singing.

Dale’s “S-Cubed” method for teaching sight-singing is specifically designed to help other music teachers and choir directors like himself, but as you’ll soon hear, Dale has a ton of insight that can be helpful to move anybody’s singing or sight-singing forwards. We hope you’ll enjoy this!

Listen to the episode:

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Singing teacher Dale Duncan shares his inclusive and highly effective approach to helping his students integrate pitch and rhythm skills in sight-singing.