Ear Training Downloads

Training packs

These packs of free ear training MP3s can help you learn with your computer or portable MP3 player. Practice aural skills on the move!

Note-finding practice

Download note finding practice MP3s

Here’s a set of tracks you can download and use to practice finding notes by ear on your instrument. An excellent first step to playing by ear!

Learn Intervals

Download interval practice MP3s

Want to develop your ear for music? Compose more easily or play by ear? Studying intervals can be a great help. Get off to a good start with this free intro pack of training MP3s.

After you master the intro pack, continue with the “Perfect Fourth & Perfect Fifth” pack.

Recognise Chords

Download chord learning MP3s

Recognising chords by ear lets you play by ear and compose more freely. Get started with learning chords (major, minor, augmented and diminished triads) using this free downloadable pack.

Unravelling Music: Learn just by listening to music

Our main download series is “Unravelling Music”, which lets you learn and improve your aural skills – just by listening to music! Download one of our free holiday specials, and then check out the first full album release, “Introducing Intervals”:

Halloween Eve’s Birthday Bash

Download free ear training MP3s

Our first UM holiday special, “Halloween Eve’s Birthday Bash”, is a spooky Halloween track to teach you about minor intervals, minor chords, and how sound effects and audio effects are used to create those scary sounds…

Halloween Horror 3000

Free MP3 ear training download

Halloween sound effects can enhance any sci-fi track and “Halloween Horror 3000” uses a combination of freaky sounds (creepy female whispers, alien murmurs, scream samples) to conjure up a scary sci-fi mood.

March of the Candy Cane Soldiers

Download free Christmas ear training track

A Christmas special, “March of the Candy Cane Soldiers” teaches about key modulation, chord progressions, rhythmic figures, musical codas and the circle of fifths.

Introducing Intervals

The easiest way to learn intervals

Introducing Intervals is the first downloadable album in the Unravelling Music series, and will teach you to identify intervals by ear. You’ll also learn about other important technical features like chords, rhythm and timbre. You learn by listening to real music, picking out the features as you go along and working at your own pace.

Popular Progressions

The easiest way to learn chord progressions

Popular Progressions teaches you to recognise the most common chord progressions by ear, in real music. Learn to identify these “I-IV-V” chord sequences which power thousands of 3-chord songs.

Teaching Songs

Here are some free music teaching songs you can use for your own learning, to sing with your children, or use in the classroom to teach music students:

Valentine’s Rhythm Songs

Download free Valentines songs for teaching

Three fun free songs to celebrate Valentine’s Day – by learning about rhythm! Download the sheet music and MP3 to learn about rhythm, counting beats, and triplets.

Halloween is Coming Soon!

Teach with this Spooky Halloween Song

Perhaps one to save for October… This song teaches you to hear major and minor scales.

Froggy Interval Hop

Download free intervals music teaching song

A fun little song for early music education, “Froggy Interval Hop” runs through major scale intervals from a second up to a fifth.

Monkey Rhythm Dance

Download free rhythm teaching song

The “Monkey Rhythm Dance” song can help introduce children to half notes, quarter notes and eighth notes. You can use it to practice singing and making noises in time with the music.


Even more free ear training downloads!

Relaxation MP3s

Relaxing MP3s for unborn and small babies

As part of our Music & Life series we released this set of relaxing MP3s. You can download them or simply use our online player. Expectant mothers and those with young children can use these tracks to relax their baby and start to tune its ear in to a variety of musical sounds.

“Bass Tone” Podcast

Bass ear training podcast

A six-episode podcast to support our Bass Tone series: train your ears for the bass guitar in all its forms. Learn to distinguish the different types of bass, and the wide variety of ways a bassist can adjust their sound. Listen now or download for later.

Article example clips

Download ear training MP3s from any article

Don’t forget that you can also download the example sound clips from any of our articles – just play the clip and then use the “Download” link which appears to save the MP3 to your computer!