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Musical ValentineIt’s almost time to celebrate Valentine’s Day! We have three fantastic, fun and free rhythm songs for you.

Try our new music activities and ear training songs like the Chocolate Triplet Boogie Woogie and the Valentine Rhythm Song. These songs teach you (or your students) basic triplet rhythms with a fun Valentine’s Day theme. Musical movement, percussion instruments, and holiday fun create an enriching educational environment.

Valentine Rhythm Song

Introduce students to triplets (or brush up your own skills) with our Valentine Rhythm Song. Download the free sheet music or use Noteflight’s interactive playback features below. The sheet music includes instructions for musical movements. Help your students practice triplets by saying “Va-len-tine”. The Valentine Rhythm Song is a fun rhythm song for any holiday school recital and is a good practice piece for primary choirs or beginning piano students.

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Valentine Chocolate Counting Exercise

Help your students practice triplet rhythms with this free fun rhythm activity. Download the Basic Triplet Counting Exercise. This rhythm ear training exercise is a simple music activity for primary and secondary classrooms, beginning bands, drum lines, and student choirs. Repeating the words “Valentine” and “Chocolate” help students use basic rhythm ear training to internalize the triplet rhythms.

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During the first section, students count out the basic triplet rhythms, using the words “Valentine” and “Chocolate” as guides. Repeat this section until students are counting in unison. Using Noteflight, you can playback the rhythm ear training exercise at various speeds. Start slowly, then move to a faster speed (no faster than 110 mm.). Once students are comfortable, incorporate percussion instruments. For the third section, the students count silently while playing percussion instruments. Students internalize the counting and learn how to play the rhythms using their internal clock. Other variations of this rhythm ear training exercise may include marching in time and dividing the class into groups.

The Chocolate Triplet Boogie Woogie

Music educators can use the Chocolate Triplet Boogie Woogie as a fun ear training song for the classroom, a school recital, or as a performance piece for beginning piano and/or voice. The Chocolate Triplet Boogie Woogie uses the American “boogie-woogie” style of piano playing, adding blues scales and a moving bass line in the left hand to a catchy triplet rhythm in the right hand.

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You can hear more boogie-woogie music at the American Music Research Foundation. Boogie-woogie music crept into the American music scene, with songs as varied as church hymns and Elvis tunes.

More Free Fun Rhythm Activities

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We want to hear from you! How are you making your home or classroom musical this Valentine’s Day?

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