Try fun Halloween ear training activities for kids using spooky music songs. Teach young ears to recognize major and minor chords and scales using the free song “Halloween is coming soon!”

“Halloween is coming soon!”

Learning about Minor and Major chords for Beginning Piano and Voice

Make ear training easy this Halloween with a spooky song that explores major and minor scales in the key of C. Even if a child doesn’t know the difference between major and minor scales, most students can recognize a “spooky” sounding song in minor.

Before you sing “Halloween is coming soon!”, play a major scale, a minor scale, and chords on the piano. You can discuss chord progressions with advanced students.

Ask students:

  1. What do you feel when you hear a major scale?
  2. What do you feel when you hear a minor scale?
  3. Do you think a major scale or a minor scale is spooky? Why?

Then you can sing the special Halloween ear training song below that compares major scales and minor scales in a fun way. Beginning piano students can practice playing major and minor scales and rhythms like eighth notes and quarter notes.

Download sheet music for “Halloween Is Coming Soon”:

Free Halloween Music Education Song - Halloween Is Coming Soon! Click to download
“Halloween Is Coming Soon”
Sheet Music PDF

(or right-click and “Save as…”)

Download “Halloween Is Coming Soon” MP3:

Improve aural skills for major and minor scales with Halloween Is Coming Soon! Click to download
“Halloween Is Coming Soon”
as an MP3

(or right-click and “Save as…”)

What do you think of “Halloween Is Coming Soon”? Did your kids or students enjoy it? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below!

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