At this time of year it’s easy to get distracted by all kinds of holiday fun. Decorating the tree, wrapping presents, writing Christmas cards… Or celebrating Hanukkah or just some time off work, as the case may be! But all these fun activities needn’t put a stop to your ear training: Use our new Christmas-themed Unravelling Music track to help you improve your ears and get in the festive spirit.

The new Unravelling Music ear training track March of the Candy Cane Soldiers teaches you about key modulation, chord progressions, rhythmic figures, musical codas and the circle of fifths – no music theory required! Download the tracks below and get in that festive ear training mood:

Download free Christmas ear training track for chord progressions, rhythms and aural skills development Click to download
“March of the Candy Cane Soldiers”
Unravelling Music pack

(or right-click and “Save as…”)


  • 14-page liner notes PDF with track-by-track info
  • 1 full-length MP3 file, “March of the Candy Cane Soldiers”
  • 6 supporting MP3 files teaching you to hear more in the song

Did you enjoy our Christmas special? Have you spotted extra musical details in the track you want to share? Leave your comment below!

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