Introducing Intervals

Introducing Intervals

Apply your interval recognition skills to hear intervals in real music with the Introducing Intervals training album.

After completing this module: you will be able to hear and identify intervals in real music.

Based on the highly popular Introducing Intervals ear training album from the Unravelling Music series, this module provides 5 specially-composed music tracks which demonstrate how intervals are used in real music. By listening to these tracks, reading the explanations, and practising with the excerpt sound clips provided, you learn to hear and recognise different types of interval in real music.

Tracks gradually increase in difficulty, starting with Body Crash and Desert Run, electronica meant to get you on your feet, to the quieter ballad Fallen, rocking psychedelia Asylum, and ending with sassy and jazzy Club Mango.

After training with this album you’ll find it easy to recognise intervals in the music you hear and enjoy each day.

Module Preview

How It Works

With the Unravelling Music modules inside Musical U you learn to apply your core listening skills like interval recognition to real music and tasks like playing by ear.

You begin by listening to the “full” music tracks: 5 original pieces in different styles, specially created by an award-winning composer to demonstrate the key concepts you’ll be learning.

Then, once you’re familiar with the tracks, you can read the explanations of which intervals are featured in the track, and where. Use the “excerpt” clips to learn where to listen out for the intervals. Then, listen again to the full track and you’ll find that the intervals start to jump out at you from the music.

Over time as you practice more with the tracks you’ll find it easier and easier to identify the intervals, and you’ll start to find your ears doing the same thing with other music you hear in day-to-day life.


Here’s an example for recognising perfect fifths, taken from Track 1, “Body Crash”:

Step 1: Listen to the track.

Listen to this excerpt from track 1, “Body Crash”:

Step 2: Listen to the excerpt tracks.

As you listen, read the explanations of what you’re hearing.
Want to learn to hear perfect fifths? Here’s Example 5 for Body Crash: “Fifths Melody”

A “Perfect 5th” is a very common interval in music.
Example 5 uses a series of 5ths to create a melody which shows up throughout Body Crash.

Step 3: Now listen to the track again.

You’ll find you hear and understand much more than you did before!

Could you hear the fifths now?

That’s just one example from one track.

The full training module includes:

  • 5 Specially-Composed Music Tracks
    each in a different musical style, from electronica to industrial to jazz, each featuring different instruments and sounds.
  • 22 Example Clips
    which you’ll use to tune your ear into what’s happening in the music.
  • Detailed Track Notes
    explaining what you should be listening for, how to hear it, and what it means musically.
  • Full Learning Guide
    to show you how to get the most from every track on the album.
  • Musical Scores for each supporting clip
    so you can see what’s happening in the music too.
  • Learn All the Essential Intervals
    PLUS: Coverage of Chords, Timbre, Audio Effects and Rhythm

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“Having the separate clips and scores to focus attention on specific elements was helpful.”
“Wow! In a couple of sessions, I feel that I can tell intervals and harmonies so much better.”

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