Bass Tone Podcast 4: Bass Amps

Bass Tone Podcast 4: Bass Amps

In episode 4 of the Bass Tone podcast Nick Long dives into the wide choice of bass amp technologies and options out there and their effect on your bass tone. You’ll learn all about:

• The difference between valve and solid state amplification
• Class AB, G and D amps
• The options for amp heads, cabinets, and speaker sizes
• How to choose an amp for the best balance of size, tone, power, and price

Bass Tone Podcast 4: Bass Amps

Bass Tone Podcast 5: Bass FX, Part 1

In episode 5 of the Bass Tone podcast, Bass FX Part 1, Nick Long covers the most frequently used audio effects for the bass guitar. You’ll learn all about:

• Equalization (EQ), the cornerstone of a good effects chain
• Compression and Limiting to even out playing dynamics
• Multiband Compression
• Distortion, Overdrive and Fuzz Effects

Bass Tone Podcast 6: Bass FX, Part 2

Bass Tone Podcast 6: Bass FX, Part 2

In episode 6 of the Bass Tone podcast, Bass FX Part 2, Nick Long explores some more unusual effects you can add to your bass tone. You’ll learn:

• What modulation effects are and how they work
• The Chorus and Flanger effects and how they impact your tone
• The sound of Wah-Wah effects, and why they combine well with distortion effects
• Pitch-shifter effects (including octaver effects)

How can I improve my bass guitar tone?

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What gives the fretless bass its sound?

The fretless bass has a very distinctive sound. Whether it’s a fretless electric bass or a traditional upright double bass, there’s something about its sound that marks it out clearly from a normal bass guitar. What is it? There is one big factor: the lack...

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