Bass Tone

In episode 2 of the Bass Tone podcast, Nick Long introduces Leo Fender’s revolutionary electric bass guitar and talks through the core choices which affect the tone of the bass, including:
• Electric vs. Upright bass
• Pickups: Single-coil and Humbucker
• Blending between pickups
• Active bass guitars and bass/treble boosts and cuts
• The effect of string choice on tone

The episode is based on this week’s Playing With Precision article but contains lots of extra information and sound examples – so do check it out, even if you’ve already read the article!

Whether you’re a bass player yourself, or just want to understand more about the bass guitar you hear in music, this episode will help you understand the fundamental choices a bassist can make to influence their sound.

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Bass Tone Podcast – Part 2
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If you have any thoughts on the episode, or suggestions for future Bass Tone podcast episodes – leave a comment below!

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