Bass Tone

Learn about Bass Effects in this week's bass tone podcastWant to know about Bass Effects? Episode 5 of the Bass Tone podcast has you covered!

In this week’s podcast you’ll learn all about:

• Equalization (EQ), the cornerstone of a good effects chain
• Compression and Limiting to even out playing dynamics
• Multiband Compression
• Distortion, Overdrive and Fuzz Effects

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Bass Tone Podcast – Part 5
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The podcast is an M4A (AAC) file, which should play back on most modern audio software and portable music players. If you have any problems downloading or playing the file please let us know.

What’s your take on Bass FX? Special sauce or better off without ’em? Let us know in the comments below!
And don’t forget to check out the recent “Bass Effects” article.

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