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Kids love spooky sounds!

Work on their ear training skills and help them identify different timbres, pitch, and dynamics this Halloween. Enjoy making your own Foley sounds, play sound charades, and scare your Halloween party guests.

You’ll also find lots more Halloween music resources below, so read on… if you dare!

Scary Halloween Sounds

1. Ghost Howl

Make haunting groaning sounds in a PVC pipe or cardboard tube. Experiment with different materials. Discuss high pitch and low pitch. Have the kids imitate low groaning sounds and high groaning sounds.
Scary Graveyard at Halloween

2. Ghost Chains

Take an old bike chain or thick metal chain and drop it in a large metal pot. Try dropping the chains slowly and quickly. Talk about the differences between thin metal chains and thick metal chains.

3. Thunderstorm

Take a large metal sheet and firmly suspend it by wire or rope. Using two soft mallets or wooden spoons covered in fabric, roll on the sheet to make a convincing thundering sound. Strike the sheet with a hard stick for lightening effects. Add a rainstick or water falling in the shower to add extra rain sound effects.

4. Scary Animals

Kids are experts at making scary animal sounds. Watch them make crazy wolf howls, vampire screams, spooky owl hoots, and even dragon snarls. Work on dynamics, and encourage students to make loud and quiet animal sounds. Play a fun game of charades with animal sounds to make the mayhem extra fun or record the animal sounds for an extra scary Halloween treat.

5. Door Slam

To make a convincing door slam sound, drop a heavy book on a wooden floor. Drop large books and small books. Which make the loudest sounds? Which make the quietest sounds?

More Halloween Resources

Listen to (or even learn to play) a favorite Halloween-y song, like Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.
Play a spooky sound guessing game: Night Animals With young ones, try a fun site like “Night Animals”, a fun online guessing game with spooky animal sounds.
Find lots more Halloween songs for teaching and fun at Listen & Learn Music‘s Sunday Singalong
Last week we published a special Halloween Song: Halloween Is Coming Soon! You can download the sheet music or MP3 for free.
Halloween Eve's Birthday Bash - Free ear training track! And don’t forget last year’s special Unravelling Music track: Halloween Eve’s Birthday Bash!

What fun spooky Halloween sounds do you like to make? Share with Easy Ear Training in the comments below!

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