Sabrina Peña Young

An intermedia composer, percussionist, author, and obsessive sci-fi buff, Sabrina Peña Young creates mind-bending electroacoustic works that have been heard throughout Australia, Asia, North America, and Europe in media festivals, radio, film, dance clubs, random boom boxes in France - and as not-so-pleasant background music.

Critics have described her music as “daunting,” and “marvelously abstract,” and she has received a wide range of awards for her compositions, including New Genre Award from the International Alliance for Women in Music for her work "Creation" and the Cintas Foundation's Brandon Fradd Fellowship in Music Composition, as well as awards and nominations for her film-making work.

Sabrina has a passion for writing too, and recently published "The Feminine Musique: Multimedia and Women Today", available at She has also written for the Kapralova Society Journal, Percussive Notes, Panpipes, the IAWM Music Journal, the SEAMUS Music Journal, and various fine arts websites.

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