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Learn the vital skills required to set effective and inspirational goals, and how you can construct a plan to accomplish them.

→ Explore Planning Modules



Pitch is how high or low musical notes are. That means your sense of pitch is fundamental to almost everything you do in music.

→ Explore Pitch Modules



Intervals are the building blocks of melody and harmony in music. Learning to recognise intervals builds a strong foundation, your sense of “relative pitch”.

→ Explore Interval Modules



A series of notes one after the other creates a melody. Melodies are what we think of as the “tune” but the same skills also apply to basslines, solos and accompaniment parts.

→ Explore Melodies Modules



Whenever three or more notes are heard together, it forms a chord. Different types of chord create different musical moods and emotions.

→ Explore Chord Modules

chord progressions

Chord Progressions

A series of chords is called a progression. Chord progressions create the harmonic movement that creates a story in music.

→ Explore Chord Progression Modules



Rhythm is the pattern of sounds and silences in music and gives music its energy and pace. Improve and refine your natural sense of rhythm with training.

→ Explore Rhythm Modules

playing by ear

Playing By Ear

Playing by ear means using your learned listening skills to play a song directly on your instrument (or write it down) after just hearing it.

→ Explore Playing By Ear Modules



Develop an accurate and reliable singing voice and use your voice to train your musical ears.

→ Explore Singing Modules


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