Well, it’s coming to the end of October, and all those nice, cheery, wholesome pieces you’ve been using to train your ears… BEGONE! It’s time for something a little more bone-chilling. We’re taking a look at some of the music that’ll help get you in that Halloween acoustic.

Songs for Younger Goblins

If you’re looking for simple songs to play with children, look no further than Listen & Learn‘s Halloween section, with lots of singalong videos. Or pick up some beginner piano music with a Halloween flavour at Music for Music Teachers.

And don’t forget our own spooky song this year:

WARNING: The rest of this post contains content and some language which may not be suitable for younger visitors… Beware all who read on……

Author Spotlight

Site author Sabrina Peña Young is not just a talented composer, but an innovative intermedia artist too. If the short film and startling modern piano score above don’t get you in the Halloween mood, try this longer scary animation, featuring lots of those scary sound effects, recording techniques and minor chords and scales you’ve been learning about!

Download the Virelaan soundtrack here – perfect for your haunted home this Halloween. Sabrina’s also created some special spooky sound effects which could spice up your own musical creations.

Nick Long, author of our Bass Tone series here at EasyEarTraining.com woke in the middle of the night with this eery composition in his head:

Sticks Downey - Milk Duds and Guts - Free Halloween MP3 downloadSticks Downey - C.H.U.D. - Free Halloween MP3 downloadSticks Downey - C.H.U.D. II - Free Halloween MP3 downloadSticks Downey - Night of the Demons - Free Halloween MP3 download

Listen Close author Brad T. Bush is the frontman for rap group Sticks Downey and his enthusiasm for B-movie horror flicks has produced four fantastic Halloween specials:

And here’s the video for their 2011 track, “Night of the Demons”:

Find out more at SticksDowney.com.

Soundtracking Your Halloween Hootenanny

The Scar Stuff blog has a couple of fantastic mixtapes for download: classic Halloween songs interspersed with retro radio ads and announcements for Halloween hijinks:

Also, don’t miss their jaunty video for a classic Halloween song:

(and for a limited time you can get a free download of the track from the Golden Records Facebook page!)

What are your favourite songs at Halloween? How have you created that scary mood in your own home, or musical creations? Tell us all in the comments below…

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