Charlotte A. F. Farley

Charlotte A. F. Farley is a Long Island, New York native who grew up in musical home with a father who toured with the likes of The Shirelles, Bo Diddley, and Chuck Berry. She has been playing piano for over twenty-five years and only took lessons for three of them - she’s obviously a strong believer in ear training! In her wide-ranging musical experience she has accompanied a touring gospel choir, run a bar band, worked as musical director to numerous shows, provided piano accompaniment to classical voice students, played weddings and cocktail hours galore, and given a lifetime of solo performances.A former English teacher, Charlotte now works as a professional pianist and freelance writer. She owns and operates a piano teaching studio where students are encouraged to develop their ears and their own way of playing.Farley and her husband, a band director, live in Virginia with their toddler son and are expecting another baby literally any day now.

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