About Us

Easy Ear Training is a London-based music education technology company.

We develop innovative digital products like mobile apps and audio-enhanced eBooks to make learning the essential listening skills of music easy, fun and effective.

The company was born out of frustration that music learning all too often gets bogged down in dry theory and endless practice of instrumental technique.

At Easy Ear Training we’re trying to bring some of the exciting spark of music back into the process of music learning – using modern technology to make it fun, personal, and above all: musical.

Easy Ear Training

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About the Team

We’re a loose-knit band of music educators and musicians, bound together by a common passion for music and belief in the power of aural skills for true musicianship.

Christopher Sutton

Christopher Sutton

Christopher founded Easy Ear Training in 2009 with a mission to make it fun and easy to learn the vital listening skills of music, having discovered for himself how much more fun music becomes once you actually understand what you hear.

He now pursues this passion for musical ear training by running the company and helping out with new product development. It’s his fault the site goes a little nutty for Halloween.

Brad T. Bush

Brad T. Bush

A hip-hop artist and devoted vinyl collector, Brad covers critical listening and what makes a song tick.

Thomas Evdokimoff

Thomas Evdokimoff

A professional guitar instructor and music theory specialist, Thomas specialises in relative pitch and guitar listening skills.

Fotios Koulakos

Fotios Koulakos

A studio engineer and owner of a post-production house, Fotios is our go-to guru for all things audio.

Nick Long

Nick Long

Trained as a sound engineer at the BBC, Nick is also a keen bassist and focuses on sound quality and bass ear training.

Brad Mavin

Brad Mavin

A guitar teacher with a knack for making ear training accessible, Brad specialises in guitar and playing by ear.

Sabrina Pena Young

Sabrina Peña Young

A music educator and modern composer, Sabrina writes about the craft of making music and the power of music throughout our lives.

Erin Paul

Erin A. Paul

A Connecticut native trained in the Kodály tradition, Erin is a professional French Horn player, college music instructor and ear training enthusiast.

Cayla Layman

Cayla Layman

Former Mississippi State Honor Choir member and current pianist, Cayla handles our social media channels and forums to help Easy Ear Training students make the most of our resources – and their ears!

We’ve also had the honour of welcoming a number of guest experts to share their insights on modern aural skills development.

About EasyEarTraining.com

The EasyEarTraining.com website has been described as “the best all-round source of ear training information on the web”*.

Launched in February 2010, the site serves the musicians community by providing over 300 original articles along with training series, and offering interactive ear training and practice packs.

→ Dive in by exploring the topics covered, trying an ear training quiz or planning your own training regime.

The Easy Ear Training Twitter and Facebook streams provide many more interesting links and tips for musicians.

About Our Products

Ear Training Apps

Our first product, the “RelativePitch” iPhone app released in April 2009, was among the first dedicated ear training apps in the iTunes App Store. RelativePitch has been rated 4 stars or above in over 90% of user reviews, and was chosen by Apple to be featured on the front page of the App Store.

We’ve followed RelativePitch with several other iOS apps, teaching recognition of intervals, chords and melodies. These apps have been downloaded over 230,000 times, featured in print and online media, and consistently receive glowing reviews from users, who find they make developing your musical ear fun and easy.

Easy Ear Training aural skills apps for iOS
Ear Training eBook Range

Ear Training eBooks

Musicians can learn the essential listening skills of music with the Easy Ear Training range of audio-enhanced eBooks, compatible with all modern computers, mobile devices and eBook readers.

Beginners can start with the Ear Training Essentials guide which teaches the “who, what, why and how” of ear training, and then move on to study specific skills with books in the Greatest Hits series. The 101 Ear Training Tips book provides extra advice and inspiration across a range of ear training topics.

Ear Training Albums

Our ear training albums help musicians learn – just by listening!

“Introducing Intervals”, the first album in the Unravelling Music ear training series, helps musicians develop their interval recognition skills by listening to real music. “Popular Progressions”, the second album in the series, teaches the most common chord progressions in modern music.

The music has been specially composed to introduce to all the most important intervals so that the listener learns by hearing them in real use. Along the way the albums introduce other key topics, such as audio effects, rhythm and timbre.

There are also a number of special Unravelling Music packs available as free downloads.

Unravelling Music albums

Ear Training Albums

Ear Training Courses

For a more structured learning journey we offer ear training courses, delivered online or by email.

Ear Training Crash Course

Ear Training Crash Course

Specially created for those who are new to ear training, our free email “Crash Course” brings you quickly up to speed with the fundamentals of ear training.

Ear Expansion Ear Training Course

Ear Expansion Course

Our first online ear training course, Ear Expansion is an interactive tour of 10 different topics in modern ear training. Designed for beginners and experienced musicians alike, the course is guaranteed to stretch your ear in some interesting new directions and get you off to a great start with ear training.