Ear Training Quizzes

Interactive quizzes are a great way to test your knowledge and learn more! Just turn up your volume and select a topic below:

If you’re not sure where to start with ear training, or you’re looking for a new direction to stretch your ear in, take our “Intro to Ear Training” Quiz, and find out what you could learn. (more)
Check and develop your knowledge of percussion by taking this 10-question quiz on the different parts of a typical drum kit. (more)
If you’re followed our Bass Tone series and want to test yourself on bass guitar instruments, EQ, and effects, try the Bass Tone quizzes.
Frequency Fundamentals Read the series
Training with the Frequency Fundamentals course? Or just reckon you know your 110Hz kick drum from a 220Hz snare drum? Take the quiz and check your skills! (more)
Focusing on the second half of the Frequency Fundamentals course, this quiz will test your knowledge of the 10 core frequency bands and their characteristics. (more)
If you think you’ve mastered Frequency Fundamentals or you want to brush up, try this Recap Quiz to really test your knowledge! (more)