Have you been joining in our trick-or-treating?

Some dreadful delights await you!

Today we have an extra special spooky gift for you… A new Unravelling Music to help you hear more in music!

Who said that ear training couldn’t be fun? Enjoy learning while listening to great music on your iPod! The Unravelling Music series is designed to help you learn, wherever you are – just by listening to music. Spend a little time getting to know the track using the extra clips and track notes provided, and then simply listen to the track to reinforce what you’ve learned.

For this Halloween special, the audio examples will help train your ears to hear chord progressions commonly used for pop songs – with some special spooky changes for a horror twist!

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“Halloween Robo-Bop”
Unravelling Music pack

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  • 14-page liner notes PDF with track-by-track info
  • 1 full-length MP3 file, “Halloween Robo-Bop”
  • 5 supporting MP3 files revealing details of the track

Composer’s Notes

We asked song composer Sabrina Peña Young for a bit of insight into creating the track:

When I was creating this track, I thought it would be fun to make something that was both old and new – what would a ghost sing today and in the past? So I went with a fun high energy dance track, then the second section slows it waaaayyyy down and goes into some fun doo- wop with a more sentimental ghost singing. Oh so lonely!

Of course, I had to throw in the typically silly sound effects and some symphonic creepiness. I was also playing with high tech vs lo-fi, so the set and sound effects in the the doo-wop had fun sound effect sounds like a bottle crash, clapping, and snapping, and the piano and some vocals were passed through a distorted guitar amp plugin, making for a dirtier sound. The vocals were created with Vocal Writer, a shareware program from Kae Labs (http://kaelabs.com/). The program actually uses synthesis to create the voices, not samples, which is what makes its unique sound.

The Song Lyrics to “Halloween Robo-Bop”

(It was a dark and gloomy night, it was a dark and gloomy night)

Party time, stand up!

Happy Happy Halloween Dance Let’s Dance
Let’s Dance
Dance with me
Dance with me Halloween Dance (2x)

(Thunderstorm and strings)

What can a lonely ghost do on a spooky Halloween?
Can I boo, with you?
What can a ghost do on a spooky Halloween? (2x in thirds)

Boo, boo oh, boo boo oh, boo boo boo boo
(Monster Growl)
Can I boo with you, yes you..?
Happy Halloween!

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“Halloween Robo-Bop” is a fun and eerily romantic Halloween song which will teach you about chords and chord progressions, and introduce you to some varieties of the classic “one four five” progression.

You can download it for free right now:

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