Frequency Bands and Harmonics Quiz
Following on from the previous quiz on Percussion Frequencies, we’re opening up a new quiz today: covering Frequency Bands and Harmonics.

Once you’ve got to grips with the starting material in the Frequency Fundamentals course, you should find you’re getting a good sense of where different frequencies lie in your hearing range. The second half of the course then introduces the 10 standard bands of frequencies used when analysing audio and making adjustments to the frequency balance:

Then, moving onto more advanced material (after an introduction to two key concepts in audio engineering) Fotios covers the basics of harmonics of sounds:

This latest quiz will test you on ten randomly-chosen questions on the material from these articles. Fotios has again written really great feedback for each question, so that when you get one wrong, you’ll understand why.

How did you do on the previous test? Don’t forget you can boast (or confess) your score via Twitter or Facebook when you’re done.

Getting to know the standard frequency bands is a really powerful way to expand your appreciation of sound. Once you’ve studied the articles, take the quiz and check how you’re getting on. Don’t forget you can come ask questions or share tips in our Forums.