Percussion Frequencies Quiz
If you’ve been working on the Frequency Fundamentals series here at, you may be looking for a way to practice the skills it teaches. Fotios has created a special quiz for the first half of the series, covering drums and cymbals.

The Frequency Fundamentals course takes you from the most basic concepts, through to a working knowledge of the 10 core frequency bands which cover the human hearing range. The following two articles use sounds from a standard drum kit to get you started listening for frequencies:

You can use the sound clips in those articles to practice listening for the different frequencies, but sometimes it’s useful to have a more active approach to learning too. This new quiz will test you on ten randomly-chosen questions, covering the material from those articles. Fotios has taken the time to write plenty of feedback for each question, so once you’ve taken a test you’ll get pointers on where you went wrong and how to improve.

You can use the links at the end of the quiz to share your score on Twitter or Facebook – let us know how you do!

If you’ve been working on frequency training, this new quiz will let you really test your abilities. What are you waiting for? Give it a go, and tell us how you did!