We’re very excited to announce the release of a new ear training album, now available to buy and download right here on EasyEarTraining.com.

It’s the first in a new series we’ve been working on, called “Unravelling Music”.
Unravelling Music: Ear Training CDs and Downloads

The Unravelling Music albums are designed to help you hear more in music – and learn the easy way: by listening to music!

If you’re somebody who wants to understand music, the CDs will help you gain that deep, natural insight into everything you hear – even if you couldn’t bear to look at another music theory book in your life!

The first album in the series is called “Introducing Intervals” and it’s a great introduction to the world of pitch and harmony ear training.

Introducing Intervals: Learn intervals the easy way, by listening to music!

Introducing Intervals: Download the ear training now!

Introducing Intervals uses five all-new music tracks, created specially by site author and professional composer Sabrina Pena Young to introduce you to the key intervals of the octave – and much more! You’ll meet such topics as chords, timbre and rhythm along the way, all while enjoying great music in a variety of styles.

Introducing Intervals: Body Crash….Desert Run….Fallen….Asylum….Club Mango….

Develop your ears the easy way

The idea of the Unravelling Music series is simple:

  1. Listen to great music
  2. Learn how that music is constructed, by listening to special clips
  3. Listen again, and hear much more

When you buy the album, you’ll receive 28 MP3 files (including the 5 specially composed full-length tracks), a detailed ‘guide book’ for the album which will help you plan your learning and get the most out of the album, and score PDFs to illustrate the examples used. (You don’t need to read music to benefit from this album though!)

From today, we’re offering Introducing Intervals as a digital download – which means you’ll get instant access to download the MP3 and PDF files when you buy the album. You can also view the music excerpts in score form at Noteflight.com, where you can view, print, and play them back – and even alter them, to explore the sounds.

Training on your terms

Introducing Intervals is designed for convenience. Once you’ve read through the track notes for a track, learning takes the form of simply listening. So you can put the tracks on your MP3 player, or burn them to a CD, and train wherever you are, whenever you like.

The guide book provides a lot of advice and information on how to learn with the album. But there are no hard and fast rules. The album is designed to be flexible, so you can focus on the parts which are important to you and make the most of your training time.

To buy Introducing Intervals, and download it instantly, just
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If you have any questions about the album or the series, leave a comment below.

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