Thanks to everyone who entered our iAction Giveaway competition!

We had lots of great entries and I wanted to take a minute to showcase some of those ear training goals people shared, as well as announcing our 3 winners!

Without further ado, our winners (selected at random from the 10 entries) are:

We’ll be in touch with the winners to get them their free copies of iAction and help them progress towards those goals!

There were some interesting commonalities and themes in the answers. Although we don’t have copies of iAction for every entrant, there are other resources here at which can help:

Many goals were focused on relative pitch hearing skills, such as intervals and chords. We have some great articles on those topics, and our Pitch & Harmony series is a great place to start. Our new intervals training pack (free) and Introducing Intervals album can help you practice relative pitch. And of course our ear training iOS apps all focus on interval and chord skills!

Playing by ear and improvising are clearly important target skills, mentioned by several entrants. Conservatory entrance and other music exams which rely on aural skills were mentioned too. As Kiana pointed out, iAction is a great tool for pursuing these kinds of goals and tying together your daily ear training practice into something that really helps you step-by-step towards your real goal.

To learn more about iAction check out our introduction or howto guide.

And if you want a copy of iAction for yourself, you can visit the App Store – or there’s actually still a little bit of time left to enter our Facebook and Twitter giveaways…!

Thanks again to all who entered our iAction contest. If you start using the app out for your own ear training be sure to let us know how you get on!

… and hey – what’s your big ear training goal?