iPhone apps for ear trainingLast week we introduced you to iAction: a fantastic new iOS app for goal setting, progress tracking, and the support you need to keep you on course. We think it’s a great complement to our ear training apps and today we’re going to look in more detail at how it can help you in your journey to expert musicianship.

In our last post we had a quick overview of the features of iAction and gave you some idea of how it can be used with our apps. Now let’s look in more detail at how it can support your ear training.

Competition! The developers of iAction have given us a few free copies of the app to give away to our readers! See details at the end of this post…

iAction for your ears

Here at Easy Ear Training we define “ear training” as anything you do to improve the way you hear. The key point being: anything you do!

iAction is the perfect ‘manager’ for your ear training, because it’s built around defining what you want to accomplish, breaking it down into concrete tasks, and then getting helpful reminders to support you in carrying out those tasks.

Let’s look at some examples of “big picture goals” you might have as an ear training student:

  • Learn to recognise intervals in ascending, descending and harmonic form
  • Reliably distinguish diminished and minor triad chords
  • Finally learn the difference between all the types of seventh chord
  • Learn to jam along with music on your instrument

With all of these, if you simply think “I’d like to be able to do that some day” and dabble now and then, unfortunately you’re not going to make much progress. Ear training is something where regular training (ideally daily) really pays off – your ears get more and more attuned. Leave too long between practice sessions, and you’ll find you never really improve or reach your goals.

So rather than just airily dreaming of these goals…