Tour, Part 1 of 2: Training

In the first part of the tour we take a look at the Training area of Musical U.


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Musical U provides you with over 40 high quality training modules, featuring explanations, audio examples and interactive quizzes.

These modules help you to understand the concepts, develop the core skills and apply them to real music, in topics such as intervals, melodies, chords and progressions, singing and rhythm.

Musical U “Roadmaps” provide you with the big picture path to your musical goals.

They show you which specific Training Modules and instrumental exercises you can use to move steadily forwards towards the goal you are passionate about.

Whether you want to play melodies or chords by ear, improve your sense of rhythm, or learn to sing in tune, we have a Roadmap to guide you there, step by step.

“Before joining Musical U I had never tried ear training exercises before and I was worried I would be dreadful at them!

However I found that the modules contained a digestible amount of information, and they didn’t assume previous knowledge or experience, but rather approached topics in a clear, systematic way.”

Aliki K.


“Musical U has helped me to feel more comfortable improvising leads on guitar and more confident singing. I’m also slowly transferring these skills to ukulele, harmonica and piano!”

Fermin A.

Canary Islands


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“Since being a Musical U member I’ve really gotten into rhythm, had success with melodic intervals, and chord progressions and can quite easily pick out a tune.”

Carol G.