Musicality Status Check

Check your current abilities across a range of skills which contribute to musicality.

After completing this module: you will have a clear knowledge of which skills are your strong and weak points and which you want to improve.

Wondering how musical you are? Find out exactly how strong you are in a variety of areas with this module.

Each time you use the check your results are recorded so you can view past results and see your improvement over time.

Module Preview

Here are the topics included and a few examples of what’s covered:

Playing By Ear: Melody

Playing melodies by ear means that you hear a “tune” (i.e. one note at a time) and can then play it back on your instrument. Can you play a short, simple tune when you already know the key and starting note? What about playing an accompaniment part (e.g. bassline, harmony vocals) from a real music recording?

Playing By Ear: Harmony

Playing harmony by ear means that you hear a sequence of chords and can then play it back on your instrument (or play notes to match those chords if you play a non-chordal instrument). Can you play simple I-IV-V progressions by ear? What about longer more complex chord progressions?

Playing By Ear: Rhythm

Playing rhythms by ear means that you hear some music and you can play back matching rhythms on your instrument. Can you clap along with a song and be in time? What about improvising rhythms on your instrument to match a certain style of music?


Improvising means that you make up original music on-the-fly as you play your instrument. Can you improvise a simple solo to suit a song? What about improvising a harmony part for a song you’ve never heard before?


Singing is the instrument we’re all born with and being able to sing well is an important part of musicality. Can you produce a loud, clear sound when you sing? What about confidently singing back the vocal part of a song you’ve just heard for the first time?

Creating Your Own Music

Creating your own music means composing, writing songs, and arranging music. Can you create your own good-sounding melodies? What about creating an innovative cover version of an existing song?


Collaborating means playing or creating music together with other musicians. How easy do you find it to talk to other people about music? Can you improvise or jam with other musicians you don’t know well?

Performance and Recording

Performing music means playing it “live” for other people to hear. Similarly, “recording” means playing it live for the purpose of recording it. Are you comfortable performing music you know well in front of friends? What about improvising a solo on stage in a concert?

Member Success

“Through this module, I discovered how much I need/want to work on. By laying out all the wonderful musical skills I can gain by working hard on ear training, this module made me excited to get going.”
“This is great for helping me to see areas that I would like to develop!”
“This is going to be extremely helpful for me. I printed out what I marked so I can start setting what goals I want to tackle.”
“This was a very comprehensive check. You realize where you are and what you want to focus on.”
“The Musicality Status Check is very helpful and thorough! It has made me aware of my own thinking about my skills: that if it is easy for me, I think that everyone can do it, of course. If it is difficult or I can’t, I still think that every other musician can do it EXCEPT me! :) I am glad to have this checklist with which to work.”
“It will be great to look back in a couple of months and see what progress I’ve made and what areas to focus on to keep improving towards my goals”
“Doing this was helpful as it helps to break down what I’m interested in learning and showing me a new way to look at musical skills and what to look for.”
“So much to learn, starting from scratch. Love it.”

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