training planner

Training Planner

Apply your planning knowledge to set good musical goals and create an effective plan for reaching them.

After completing this module: you will have created a detailed training plan to reach your musical goal.

This interactive training plan creator tool will guide you to put the lessons from the Planning For Success module into practice.

Module Preview

How It Works

If you’ve learned how to plan for success and you have chosen your next musical goals, it’s time to create a plan to reach them.

With the Training Planner tool you will create a detailed step-by-step plan from where you are now to where you want to be.

The tool starts by helping you define a single “MAGIC” goal which will inspire and guide you throughout your training. You briefly assess your current skills in this area to know where you’re starting from, and then set out the steps you will follow to reach your goal, including the Musical U training modules you’ll be using. Finally set your target date for reaching your goal and save your plan.

After you’ve created a plan you’ll find it listed under the “Your Plans” section of the module, and you can view or edit it from there in future. You can create multiple plans and revise your plans as necessary along the way based on your progress.

With the Training Planner it’s easy to create your own personalised music training course to perfectly suit you.

Success Stories

“I liked this module, it’s a really nice way to create a training plan. And the all too important reminder of keeping it musical!”
“I think my goal is quite :)”
“Let’s get started!”

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