Tour, Part 2: Community and Support

In the second part of the tour we take a look at the Community inside Musical U and how members get all the help and support they need to succeed.


Video contents:

  • Community area
  • End-of-module discussions and member profiles
  • Discussion Boards
  • Training discussions
  • General music discussions
  • Member feedback to improve and extend Musical U
  • The Help section
  • Getting personal help and support:
    • Asking direct questions and getting answers from the team
    • Asking in the discussion boards
    • Getting help through your Progress Journal

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The Musical U community is made up of passionate musicians all seeking to reach their true musical potential.

Being part of the community means you never have to go it alone. You’re always within easy reach of friendly, supportive guidance and the answers to any questions you might have.

Whether you’ve played music for years or you’re just getting started, whatever genre you prefer, language you speak, or skills you wish to develop, if you love music and want to succeed you’ll find you feel right at home among Musical U members.

Musical U is run by the team from Easy Ear Training, creators of best-selling ear training apps and the leading ear training website online.

We’re a loose-knit band of musicians spread around the world, united by a shared mission to make it easier and more enjoyable for every person to reach their full musical potential.

Experts from the team are active inside every day, continually working to improve Musical U and personally help each and every member to succeed.

“What I like most is the nice and friendly community, the instructions and the information for improving.
It’s really open and straight-forward.

I believe that Musical U is being run by people that really know what they’re doing, as they are great musicians too and have the knowledge and education to do this.”

Jose G.


“I’m learning my instrument solo so when I found Musical U I thought the support of a group would be useful and help to keep me engaged and focused.”

Kevin B.

United Kingdom


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“I really like the service at Musical U – the quick response when I do have a question or problem.

I feel that Musical U has a genuine desire to help and improve people.”

Brian M.