Progression Practice: I-IV-V

Start to practice your I, IV, V chord recognition skills with realistic music tracks in a variety of styles: Pop, Rock, Dance, Solo Piano and Solo Guitar.

After completing this module: you will be able to recognise 3-chord (I-IV-V) progressions in a variety of musical styles.

This module provides a large number of practice tracks which demonstrate 6 different I-IV-V progressions in five styles and two different keys.


  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Dance
  • Guitar
  • Piano


  • A Major (I-IV-V = A-D-E)
  • C Major (I-IV-V = C-F-G)


  • I, IV, V, I
  • I, IV, V, IV
  • I, V, IV, I
  • I, V, IV, V
  • I, IV, I, V
  • I, V, I, IV

Peek Inside


Module Preview


  1. Introduction
  2. Tips
  3. Rock I-IV-V’s
  4. Pop I-IV-V’s
  5. Dance I-IV-V’s
  6. Guitar I-IV-V’s
  7. Piano I-IV-V’s

How It Works

Each lesson has tracks for “Training” and for “Testing”.

  • The “training” tracks can be played directly from your web browser. These tracks announce each chord of the progression at the beginning (so that you know what you’ll be listening to) and at the end (to remind you what you have been listening to).
  • The “testing” tracks can be downloaded to play on “shuffle” on your media player or portable device. These tracks announce each chord only at the end, so that you can try to identify the progression as you listen.

Begin by listening to the “training” tracks to familiarise yourself with how the progression sounds in the musical style.

Then once you are confident, test your recognition using the “testing” tracks. Put the group of 6 tracks on your media player (e.g. Windows Media Player, VLC, iTunes) or mobile device (e.g. iPhone, Android Tablet, portable MP3 player). Listen, and see if you can identify the progression before the end of the track.

Example Tracks











Member Success

“I’ve been working through the Progression Practice I IV V module, and am getting better. I’ve taken to listening to some classic rock online radio, hearing lots of examples of I IV Vs now!”
“Just completed the hard I to IV quiz then completed the I IV V Rock recognition quiz. Really starting to hear the chord progressions pop out now!”

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