Drum Kit Quiz
If you don’t play the drums, it can be hard to understand what’s going on when listening to a drum part, beyond just ‘drum, drum, cymbal’! We’ve created a new quiz here at EasyEarTraining.com to help you get to grips with the subtleties of the kit.

The quiz takes the same form as our ‘Intro To Ear Training’ Quiz: Ten multiple-choice questions based on sound clips you’ll hear. You can take the questions at your own pace, and listen several times until you’re happy with your answer. At the end you’ll get told your score and given feedback on each question, with hints on how to improve. You can tweet your score or share it on Facebook if you want to tell friends how you did.

If you have some drumming experience, go ahead and take the quiz and let us know how you get on. You may be surprised by your score!

If the topic’s new to you, make sure you read ‘A Roll Around The Drum Kit’ and spend a bit of time with the MP3s from that article before you dive into the quiz.

As always – any questions, give a shout in the Forums or in the comments below.