If you’ve been following our website for a while then you will know all about Musical U, our all-in-one solution for ear training and all the essential skills of musicality. It uses a new and innovative approach and although it’s been delivering great results for our members, not everybody understood before joining quite what happens inside.

Until recently I thought we did a good job of explaining this on our website and in our emails. I was wrong! We kept getting emails from people who’d used our Course Finder to take a free email course and they were all asking:

“What exactly is Musical U?”

They understood the point of Musical U: To help bring out your inner musicality, so that you can play by ear, improvise, sing in tune, and be a confident musician in any situation.

But they weren’t clear on what exactly Musical U is…

  • Is it an app?
  • A website?
  • Downloadable training products?
  • Does it include sound clips to demonstrate?
  • Is it interactive?
  • How exactly does Musical U teach you the skills?

I realised we really hadn’t explained it very well at all! So I sat down recently and recorded a quick video tour.

It’s not a carefully-produced promotional video like you’d see on TV. This is just me, taking a few minutes to walk you through what’s inside Musical U and explaining how it all works to help you achieve your ear training goals and become a better musician.


→ Take the Quick Tour

I hope you’ll forgive it being an informal presentation rather than a glitzy advert! I figured this was the easiest way to show you what Musical U is really like – or at least give you a glimpse. As our members will attest, Musical U is really something that gets more interesting and useful the more you use it, so a video preview like this can only give you a taste of what membership is actually like.

Here’s what we cover in the video tour:

Part One: Training

The first Part of the Tour covers the “Training” area of Musical U. This is where you find all the teaching material, the 40+ training modules covering all the essential topics, downloadable training tracks and interactive quizzes. It’s where you can get a Roadmap to guide you to the big skills you want to learn, use the Musicality Status Check to figure out where you’re starting from, and construct your personalised plan with the Training Planner tool.

In this part of the tour we take a quick look at:

  • Logging in, and member homepage: your personal training “dashboard”
  • Training, and the various topics available:
    • Planning
    • Pitch
    • Intervals
    • Melodies
    • Chords
    • Chord Progressions
    • Rhythm
    • Playing By Ear
    • Singing
  • The three module types: Learn, Practice and Apply
  • Example module: Progression Practice: I-IV-V
    • Explanation of module
    • Examples of audio training tracks
    • Example of Interactive Quiz
  • Training Planner Tool
  • Musicality Status Check
  • Roadmaps

Part Two: Community

Then in part two the Tour continues to the Community features of Musical U. As I’ve written about before, it’s essential to consider who’s on your ear training team and that’s why at Musical U we really put an emphasis on community, with members helping support, guide and encourage each other so that everyone improves faster and enjoys their training more along the way.


This part of the tour covers:

  • Community area
  • End-of-module discussions and member profiles
  • Discussion Boards
  • Training discussions
  • General music discussions
  • Member feedback to improve and extend Musical U
  • The Help section
  • Getting personal help and support:
    • Asking direct questions and getting answers from the team
    • Asking in the discussion boards
    • Getting help through your Progress Journal

→ Watch Part Two of the Quick Tour

Mystery… Solved?

If you had been wondering whether Musical U is right for you, what exactly is inside, or how the whole thing works, I hope this new video tour helps to demystify it all! You can also check out our Year One Results and some Member Stories, or explore more information about every aspect of the training system and community provided, over at Musical-U.com.

Still have questions or need more information? Just get in touch! We’re always happy to chat and discuss how Musical U could help you get better results faster, and enjoy more success in your musical training.

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