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Today marks one year since we opened our doors here at Musical U and the team wanted to mark this occasion by acknowledging and celebrating all the achievements of our members this year.

Background: If you’re interested in learning about where Musical U came from and why it’s designed so differently to most music and ear training course providers and apps, be sure to check out today’s post over at EasyEarTraining.com.

In this post we’re going to give a quick recap of how the year went and what members have been up to, and then share some perspectives direct from members themselves.

Year One: A Quick Recap

In our first year we’ve had over 500 members join Musical U and improve their musicality. They’ve developed concrete skills in intervals, chords, rhythm, singing and more, with close to 3,000 awards earned for completing training modules.

TrainingDuring the year we’ve made substantial improvements and extensions to Musical U itself. The team has introduced new features to make training easier, based on member feedback and requests. We’ve also been hard at work creating brand new training modules to target the topics our members told us they care most about. In fact we’ve nearly doubled the number of training modules since launch! There are now 41 interactive multimedia modules, covering 9 key topics in modern musicality.

One major improvement was the addition of Roadmaps which are our way of keeping training fully flexible to suit each member’s own needs – while providing a clear guiding path they can follow to learn major skills like playing by ear, singing in tune and having a good sense of rhythm.

Since the beginning we’ve emphasised community at Musical U because having a supportive team around you can make the difference between a musical spark fizzling out – or igniting into a roaring flame.

Community Conductor Stewart

Community Conductor Stewart

Our Community Conductor Stewart took the reigns from Stella partway through the year, and between them they’ve helped to nurture a thriving community inside Musical U.

This year our members have posted in over 550 discussions, posting close to 4,000 comments on topics as varied as core interval recognition skills, how to prioritise when you have lots of music goals, fitting training in alongside a busy life, and the recent surprise hit: the “Death Metal Appreciation” thread!

Members also helped each other along, exchanging over 1,900 direct messages and posting replies on each other’s Progress Journals.

Musical U Members Say…

Of course numbers like the ones above can only scratch the surface of the thriving community of musicians inside Musical U and their accomplishments this year…

That’s why we decided to ask some of our members themselves to tell us a bit about themselves and their experience of Musical U so far.

Musical U member Jose G.Jose G.

Jose G. (a.k.a. @josegochez) is a guitar player and singer from the United States. When he joined Musical U he wanted to become a solo performer but had been struggling with confidence about performing in front of people. He says:

“I have been making a lot of improvement since I joined Musical U. I have been able to obtain the knowledge that is necessary to become more musical, and to become more confident as a singer.

What I like most is the nice and friendly community, the instructions and the information for improving. It’s really open and straight-forward.

I believe that Musical U is being run by people that really know what they’re doing, as they are great musicians too and have the knowledge and education to do this.”

Musical U member Britt P.Britt P.

Britt P. (a.k.a. @Daerwen) joined our community lately and quickly became one of our most vocal members – not surprising since she’s a singer! She joined with a variety of singing goals along with some instrumental ambitions and told us that what she’d previously had trouble with was knowing what she should be working on without having anybody around to teach her.

“I joined Musical U because I had enjoyed some Easy Ear Training articles. I liked their simple and easy-to-use approach and it seemed like Musical U was very similar in that way.

My favourite parts of Musical U are the training section and its modules. Also that you can ask others to clarify and give you extra tips.”

Musical U member AlikiAliki

Aliki (a.k.a. @Waterzone8) is a singer and song writer who loves exploring new kinds of music.

“I was having some challenges with singing pitch and it was affecting my songwriting. I wanted to fix this so I checked out Musical U and I liked that it had a community.

Before joining Musical U I had never tried ear training exercises before and I was worried I would be dreadful at them and wasn’t sure if I needed to start at some level lower than absolute beginner!

However, I found that the modules contained a digestible amount of information, and they didn’t assume previous knowledge or experience but rather approached topics in a clear, systematic way :)

Since joining Musical U I have refreshed some of the theory I had read up on by myself and learned to identify half the intervals in a scale.

I’ve also been exposed to different music and ways of thinking, through the community and I have had a clear-cut goal and a plan I could stick to.

What I like most is the awards system and keeping a progress journal.”

Diana T.

Diana is a pianist who can read sheet music well but wanted to play by ear. She told us:

“I joined because I figured paying a monthly fee would be a helpful motivation in regular ear training practice. I also liked the format… very different from other online ear training sites.

Since becoming a member I’ve completed several training modules and am at work on several others. I’ve definitel