As a singer, there are two main areas you’ll want to focus on:

  1. Pitch (intonation): singing notes in tunes precisely and reliably.
    Learn about pitch ear training exercises in the article “How to train your ear for pitch perfection” and the Singing topic page.
  2. Relative Pitch: judging the distances between notes accurately.
    (e.g. to help when sight-singing music or “leaping” between notes in a song)
    Learn about relative pitch ear training exercises in the article “How to learn intervals” and the Relative Pitch topic page.

In both cases, you should make singing an integral part of all the ear training exercises you do. For example, when doing interval ear training exercises, sing back each interval after you hear it.

Another skill to work on is audiation: singing in your mind. It may seem surprising but this kind of mental practice can have a real impact on your real singing skills. Practice singing in your head whenever you have a momen