Interval Ear Training Exercises

Here are some listening exercises to help you practice interval recognition.

Use the interactive quizzes below to try to distinguish the different types of interval by ear!

You will also find MP3 training tracks below, designed to help you train and test your interval skills.

You can listen to the tracks on this page or download them to practice with on your computer or mobile device. Just right-click an exercise and choose “Save As” or use the download link at the bottom of each set of exercises (Download this exercise).

  • First:
    • Use the “Training” tracks to listen carefully to each type of interval and tune your ear in to the different sounds.
    • Each time an interval is played, it is then announced so you know what you’re hearing.
  • Then:
    • Listen to the corresponding “Test” tracks, which include a short pause after each interval.
    • During the pause, try to identify the interval you just heard.
    • You’ll hear the correct answer so you know if you got it right and have the chance to hear the interval again.

The exercises are in a suggested order for gradually learning all the intervals of the octave, roughly corresponding to the lessons from the RelativePitch app, but you should feel free to change the order based on your progress learning the intervals.

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Interval Exercises

1. Same note or Different notes?

Intervals: Unison, Tone

Training Tracks

Take the Quiz

2. Semitone and Tone

Intervals: Unison, Semitone, Tone

Training Tracks

Take the Quiz

3. Tone and Octave

Intervals: Tone, Octave

Training Tracks

Take the Quiz

4. Recap

Intervals: Unison, Semitone, Tone, Octave

Training Tracks

Take the Quiz

5. Major and Minor Thirds

Intervals: Minor Third, Major Third

Training Tracks

Take the Quiz


For the full interactive training system and downloadable MP3s covering:

  • Every interval type: unison, major and minor seconds, major and minor thirds, perfect fourths, tri-tones, perfect fifths, major and minor sixths, major and minor sevenths, and the octave.
  • All three forms: Ascending, Descending and Harmonic. Plus test yourself on mixed forms.
  • Your choice of instrument, including piano, guitar, wind, strings and more!
  • Detailed lessons on each combination of intervals, plus tips and tricks on how to learn the intervals quickly and easily
  • Unlimited personal help and support from a team of experts
  • In-depth training for other topics such as chords, scales and rhythm

Head over to Musical U.

Interval ear training help

Interval Ear Training Help

Interval ear training is rewarding – but can also be challenging and even overwhelming!

If you need some assistance, read this article: “Interval Ear Training Help”.