Solfa and the Score

Solfa Pozzoli Transcription

  • Pozzoli and the Spoken Solfeggio - Spoken solfeggio as developed by Ettore Pozzoli is an effective way to learn the instinct for solfa syllables, helping you to transcribe and sight-sing.
  • Pozzoli and the Spoken Solfeggio, Part 2 - Continue learning to internalise the solfa syllables using the Pozzolli method. These exercises will help you sight-sing and transcribe with fluency.
  • Solfa and the Score: Pentatonic Improvisation - Explore how to use the pentatonic scale and solfa as the basis for your sung improvisation. This exercise will help you internalise the solfa syllables.
  • Solfa and the Score: Music Transcription - Work through these exercises to be able to transcribe short melodies using the notes of the pentatonic scale and solfa syllables you have internalised.
  • Solfa and the Score: Sight-Singing - Can you sing a melody direction from the written score? It's a challenge for most singers. Fortunately solfa provides an easy way to sight-sing confidently.