We all know that becoming a musician takes a great deal of patience, discipline and practice. Whether your goal is to learn to play an instrument for your own enjoyment or to become a successful electronic music artist, at some point we all get stuck and must face the choice: to persevere in our goals or to give up. What is the difference between those who go on to success and those who do not? They find a way to break out of the rut and unstagnate.

This week we feature several people who have learned the art of perseverance: from famous DJs and music teachers to our very own Christopher Sutton, Founder of Easy Ear Training and Musical U. Let’s begin with a man who’s revolutionising how piano is taught – one teacher at a time.

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How Tim Topham Teaches Piano (Differently!)

At Easy Ear Training, we have a philosophy that learning music should be fun, easy and musical and in Tim Topham we have found a kindred spirit. Tim is changing the way piano students learn—by changing the way they’re taught! Followed by over 8000 teachers, his piano teaching website guides piano teachers to teach creativity, curiosity, and competency.

How Tim Topham Teaches Piano and Piano Teachers DifferentlyWe were very excited to have the opportunity to ask Tim about a wide variety of subjects and were pleased that we had so much to talk about! In Part One of his interview we discussed the state of music education, teaching creativity, online vs. in-person lessons and business education.

Tim persevered through his mistakes to become a teacher that now influences tens of thousands worldwide. Have a look at his blog about the six mistakes he made when he first started teaching piano.

Are you a piano teacher yourself? The Curious Piano Teachers have these five tips for the new piano teacher and The Cross-Eyed Pianist shares insights on teaching piano from the viewpoint of a veteran.

Practice Tips to Try Today

You already know how important practice is to becoming a successful musician. But do you sometimes feel frustrated that all that time spent practicing is not paying off?

The rewards of practice can be awesome, but it is not meant to be the same kind of fun as playing. Practice requires discipline, repetition, systematic performance, and perseverance, all combined with the goal of reaching the next level of competency and mastering an instrument. Over at Musical U, they have laid out four tips for you to help you make the most of your practice time and reach the next level of your musical abilities!practice-tips-2-1

For more advice on effective practicing take a look at these five practice techniques from Profusical, and Trust Me I’m a Scientist has these six science-supported practice habits to building great musicianship.

When it come to advice, nothing can top the words of the great masters. It’s Good Practice has created a blog rounding up advice on practicing from great musicians, such as Chick Corea and Charlie Parker.

Ten Steps to Play Violin by Ear

Like any craft, learning to play the violin by ear is a skill that takes time, but there are many ways to speed up the process and keep it fun. Branch out and get your eyes out of the sheet music! This guest post from Naomi Cherie will start you off right.

play-violin-by-earNaomi is a violin teacher with TakeLessons – the largest online marketplace connecting music teachers and students for in-person and online lessons. If you are looking for some easy tunes to get started playing the violin by ear, have a look at their recommended violin songs for beginners.

There are some great video tutorials out there for the beginning violin player, especially those of you who want to tackle learning to play by ear. Violin Noobie answers your questions on playing violin by ear and Red Desert Fiddle has great advice for playing the violin by ear in this video tutorial:

Cris Jarvis and the Art of Perseverance

One of the most exciting figures in the world of electronic music today is Colchester native Cris Jarvis, who has made a considerable name for himself with the “trademark gritty yet melodic sound” of his remixes and productions in dubstep and other bass music scenes.

The Power of Persistence: Interview with Cris JarvisMusical U interviewed Cris this week about how he creates music and the steps he took to build a successful career. His success demonstrates the awesome power of persistence on two fronts: Always learning, improving, and creating better and better music — and persistence in believing in your music enough to keep sending it out and keep sharing it.

For more on the art of “polite perseverance” in the music industry, check out this blog post by Bandzoogle. Songcast Music discusses the “Three P’s” for musicians: Positive, Professional, Persistent.

For all you Dubstep/Video Game fans (we know you’re out there!) check out this fun desktop game and make Dubstep your weapon!

Unstagnate Your Musical Development

Our very own Christopher Sutton was recently interviewed for Unstagnate, a podcast dedicated to helping people “leave the rut behind”. He was asked many questions by host Almog Flitter about his own musical background and the creation of Musical U and Easy Ear Training.