When we welcomed in the New Year last week, we covered how to review your musical year and audit your ear training. This week we’ve been taking you through the next part of the planning process to enable you to make great and achievable New Year’s music resolutions.

We’re also explaining the difference between pitch and timbre, and have a collection of the best male-female duets and not-to-be-missed Star Wars music goodies. Read on and let’s dig in!

New Year’s Music Resolutions

With the new year underway it is time to start seriously thinking about your goals for the coming year. Last week we discussed how the best way to make a good plan for the future is to review the successes and failures of your musical past. This week we will look forward and show you how to plan for a bright musical 2016.

How to set and achieve new years music resolutions smDid you know that although 50% of people set New Year’s resolutions, but less than 10% achieve them? Make sure you’re in that winning minority by learning about the top new year’s resolutions mistakes and the 6 steps which help you make resolutions that you will achieve in “How to set and achieve your New Year’s Music Resolutions“.

One of the biggest limiting factors for us achieving our musical goals is the lack of time. Or the perceived lack of time.

10 ways to find more time for music this year smUnfortunately #musicday doesn’t exist, but our friends over at Musical U have identified 10 ways to find more time for music this year. Check out their article and if you have any other tips for making time for music be sure to comment on their Facebook page here.

Two points that come up time and again in advice relating to goal setting are having a good plan and sharing your plan. Some people are fortunate enough to be born plan-makers and are surrounded by musicians to hold them accountable for their musical goals… but the rest of us need a little more guidance and support. This is where joining an online community such as Musical U can really help you become the musician you have dreamt of being.

Get your Musical Plan for 2016 smFor the month of January all Musical U members will be treated to a free “Your Musical Plan” guide and workbook which lead you through setting truly effective musical goals and designing a plan to reach them. To learn more about what is included check out this post: Get your Musical Plan for 2016.

You’re the One That I Want

best-songs-for-male-female-duets-1Becoming a confident singer is a common musical goal, but performing solo even at a karaoke or open mic night can be a nerve-racking experience. Having a friend by your side can help you feel more confident, and will allow you to expand your repertoire of duets. If you are looking to take to the stage with a friend by your side check out this list of the best male-female duets for singers.

Pitch vs Timbre: What’s the Difference?

Pitch and timbre-hearing the difference sm nrThere are a lot of technical terms used in music. They may seem intimidating and unnecessary, but knowing at least the basic terms can help you express and understand what you are hearing every time you listen to or play music.

Two terms which are often confused are pitch and timbre. Both are explained in this article Pitch and Timbre: Hearing the Difference. Essential reading for all musicians and composers.

May the Music be with you

Star Wars, may the music be with you smOne of the highlights of the holiday period for me was going to see the new Star Wars movie with my family. The quirky characters and special effects are definitely highlights of the movie, but it is impossible to ignore John William’s phenomenal soundtrack. To celebrate the release of the movie we collected some Star Wars music goodies from around the web for all film and music fans to enjoy. May the music be with you!

I hope that you now feel well-equipped to start the new year with some helpful resources to plan and achieve your musical goals. The teams at Easy Ear Training and Musical U are always keen to help – so don’t hesitate to contact us via our Facebook pages: Easy Ear Training and Musical U.