Last week we held the launch party for at the Union Chapel in London. It was a great opportunity to gather a great mix of music lovers from all kinds of backgrounds, each with their own take on developing their ears, to discuss and try out different approaches to ear training.

This is the second part of our recap – click here to read part one if you missed it, and make sure you come back later this week to check out video footage of the evening’s events!

Apart from the RelativePitch, frequency training, and Wii Music demos, we had a couple of laptops set up for people to check out the site, the forums, and our ‘Intro to Ear Training’ Quiz.

Taking the 'Intro to Ear Training' Quiz

Taking the Intro to Ear Training Quiz

We had a lot of passionate responses to the quiz. Some people were very pleased with their scores, others… not so much! It really showed how there are different areas of ear training which different people find easy and hard. I was impressed how many people were scoring 5 or above. We had some useful feedback on how to improve the questions, and lots of suggestions for future quizzes.

One thing I was particularly excited about was showing people our next ear training app for the first time. I won’t go into much detail here (if you want to know more, send an email to [email protected] to sign up to be an early tester) but I’ll just say it’s a time-driven game, which builds on the lessons of RelativePitch to take your interval skills to a whole new level. At the launch we had some posters up showing the progression of developing an app from initial hand-drawn user interface sketches, right through to the final artwork and game engine:

Evolution of an iPhone app

Evolution of an iPhone app

It was really fun to explain the new app to people and get their responses. The game element definitely brings a lot of excitement to interval training! It won’t be long before our development version is ready for wider testing – so let us know if you want an early peek…

That’s it for part two. I’ll be back later in the week with video clips from the event, so hit ‘Subscribe’ to make sure you don’t miss it. If you have any questions about the demos we were running, or anything else, just click the link below to leave a comment.

Photos by Vlad Mereuță

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