Music heals. From time immemorial, we humans have soothed our aching hearts with song, and then inspired ourselves to move with rhythm. Take the blues, for example – the music that makes us feel good about feeling bad. And are you crying about your going-nowhere music career? Nothing chases the blues away like a little cash when you learn how to sell your music online.

When Sarah Nicolls turned her piano inside-out, she embarked upon a surprising career of self-discovery and reaching out to communities. Of course, prevention can be the greatest cure: Marisa Balistreri reveals to us the power of healthy vocal technique to create a lifetime of fulfilling vocal expression. And music therapists apply the healing power of music in many surprising ways.

Ready to feel better? Take a dip in music’s ultimate…

Blue Waters

Open Your Ears to The BluesWhat is the musical form that waters the roots of jazz, rock, country, pop, reggae, hip-hop, R&B – nearly all popular musical genres today? Born from the sorrows and leading to the joys of the African-American experience, the blues remains vibrant today in clubs and sessions around the world, even if – as a genre in itself – it’s no longer topping the charts. Learn about its origins and musical and cultural characteristics when you Open Your Ears to the Blues.

The Blues is a uniquely American genre of music. Michael Dietler, Professor, Department of Anthropology, explores the history of the blues, from its rural origins to its journey to Chicago:

To learn more about the evolution from blues to jazz piano, check out this short video from  Ron Drotos. He plays a “tour de force” of 17 blues piano styles, from traditional blues to jazz and rock:

Tim Topham’s passion is supporting creative piano teaching. In this article he explains how to get kids – especially boys! – really motivated to play piano with a 12 bar blues.

Make Money with Your Own Music

sell-music-online-1Are you still waiting to be discovered by that big record label? Today it’s easier than ever for independent musicians to market their music – thanks to the internet. Yet, as with all things internet, the boggling array of choices can leave us paralyzed. Musical U cuts to the chase with this YouTube Roundup: How to Sell Music Online.

With all the platforms out there for promoting music online, how do you know which ones will lead to the most success? Try out Bandzoogle’s 17 ways to promote your music online.

Succeeding in the music industry is hard because you’re competing with literally millions of people. But do they know how to market themselves? Dozmia has these fifty music marketing tips and ideas to get you started promoting your music and growing your fanbase.

What do you do if you can’t afford to professionally promote your record? Do it yourself! Check out Digital Music News’ ultimate guide for promoting your music.


Turning the Piano Inside-Out, with Sarah NicollsSince the mid-20th century, modern composers like Henry Cowell and John Cage have been experimenting with the sounds you can make inside the piano. Classical concert pianist Sarah Nicolls asked the question, “What would happen if you turned the piano inside-out?” And so the Inside-Out Piano, a new career, and a whole new way of performing and interacting with audiences was born. Read more about Sarah Nicolls fascinating process of Turning the Piano Inside Out.

How do you compose for today’s music innovations? Composer, music arranger and flutist Kangyi Zhang shows you how to compose for contemporary piano techniques in this video:

We really appreciate Sarah’s creativity. How can you instill this same sense of creativity in your children? Music Matters Blog explains how to nurture creativity in children and its benefits.

Did you parents ever tell you not to play with your food? Well, what about playing your food? Check out musician Linsey Pollak’s carrot clarinet:

The Master Technique

The voice is the most intimate – and fragile – of instruments. Classical vocal technique – when properly applied – can prepare the singer for a lifetime of rewarding music production. These techniques, in turn, can be applied to other vocal styles.
Vocal Technique- Part 3

In Part 1 of a series on vocal technique, Musical U’s Marisa Balistreri first shared 3 Italian Secrets to a strong vocal foundation. Part 2 showed the importance of Making Space for the voice. Combining all these techniques leads to spectacular effects and expressive capabilities. Find out how in Vocal Technique, Part 3: Putting it All Together.

Franco Corelli was one of the greatest Tenors to come out of the “Old School” of opera singing. Here he is in his own words at a masterclass from 2003 explaining to a student how to sing a “recitativo”:

Another one of the world’s greatest opera singers was Maria Callas. What advice did she have for the late, great soprano Daniela Dessì? Find out in Gran Milano’s article about their legendary meeting.

As for most instruments, there are no shortage of great apps for voice. Check out this list of eight spectacular apps for singers from Making Music Magazine and be sure to check our SingTrue App!

Music Heals

Using Music for Good, through Music TherapySo many of us think of music as entertainment. Yet we also use music to inspire, motivate, and relax. Music therapists use music for healing on many levels. Find out more about this fascinating profession in Using Music for Good, through Music Therapy.

What can’t music therapy do? Didge Project explains how doctors are now prescribing music therapy for heart ailments, brain dysfunction, learning disabilities, depression, PTSD, Alzheimers, childhood development and more.

“Music takes her to a place where she can connect with her true essence”. Music and Memory shows just how powerful personalized music can be for the elderly.

Just one of the many benefits of music therapy is to fight addiction. The Voice explains how music therapy can help cure addictions across the board.


What is the magic of the healing power of music in our lives? Whether we’re singing the blues, turning our love into a living, turning our instruments – and ourselves – inside-out, letting our voice be heard, or using our gifts to inspire and heal others, music has the capability to take us all to a place where we connect with our true essence.

Just ask Nina Simone: she may be singing the blues, but she’s “Feeling Good”:

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