Today we have the pleasure of speaking with someone we’ve wanted to have on the show since day one, a long-time collaborator at Musical U and at Easy Ear Training before that, Sabrina Peña Young.

Sabrina is an award-winning composer who created the first ever original fully-animated opera, Libertaria. We’ve long been in awe of the range and scale of projects Sabrina manages to take on and bring to success, and for the first time we got to sit down with her and actually dig into the question of how she manages to do all that she does.

Sabrina is certainly someone who people would be quick to call “talented” or “gifted”, yet we knew from working with her that she had as little belief in the importance of natural talent as we do – so we were utterly curious to know: if it’s not talent, how does she do it all?

In this conversation we talk about:

  • Sabrina’s musical upbringing and how helpful attention to detail can become harmful perfectionism
  • The remarkable college environment that transformed who she was as a musician and shaped who she’d become as a composer and film-maker, and
  • The role that mentors have played in her journey and her advice for aspiring musicians seeking a mentor themselves.

With Sabrina’s extensive experience, fascinating projects and deep expertise, this conversation was never going to be a short one! And honestly, even after running a bit long we felt we’d only just scratched the surface. We’re hoping we’ll be seeing Sabrina on the podcast again before too long! And we think after hearing this episode you’re going to be feeling the same way.

Listen to the episode:

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Musical U interviews award-winning composer Sabrina Peña Young about her learning experiences, mentors, the art of composition, and her epic sci-fi opera...ña-Young.jpg