Play Chords By Ear Mini-Course
Recap and Next Steps

Congratulations on finishing the “chords by ear” mini-course!

You now have the knowledge and the starter skills you need to play thousands of popular songs by ear.


Here’s a quick recap of everything we covered in the 6 days of the mini-course:

  • In Lesson 1 you learned about how exactly “playing by ear” works and how you can learn to do it.
  • In Lesson 2 you met the I, IV and V chords and why they are the key to playing songs by ear. You used the handy key chart to figure out what those chords are in some common keys.
  • In Lesson 3 it was time to begin learning to recognise the I and IV chords using the training and test tracks. You also practiced listening out for the I chord in a real song.
  • In Lesson 4 you extended your chord recognition skills to the V chord, using the V7 chord as a helpful stepping stone. You applied your new skills to a real song which has a I-IV-V-IV progression.
  • In Lesson 5 the realistic I-IV-V practice tracks let you connect your new skills with real musical styles including rock, dance and solo guitar. You also tried jamming along and improvising over I-IV-V chord progressions.
  • In Lesson 6 it was time for the final challenge: to play 3 songs by ear!

Well done, you’re off to a great start!

Don’t stop now. Here are some next steps to keep you improving and extending your new chords-by-ear skills…

Next Steps


The material in the course was based on Musical U training modules. Explore each of the modules featured in the course:

Chords By Ear Roadmap


You might want to fill in some gaps in what’s been covered so far, or understand where to go next to develop a full ability to recognise chord progressions by ear.

The free mini-course was based on a small part of the overall Musical U Roadmap for learning to play chords by ear.

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Take a Tour

As you explore these possible next steps you may find yourself wanting to know more about Musical U and how it all works. We’ve created a 5-minute video tour to let you peek inside:

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Even More…

We’ll also be sending you some more information and tips by email, as a courtesy to help you continue to improve your skills.

Did you enjoy starting to play chords by ear? We’d love to hear about your experience with the mini-course! As always, just leave a comment in the “Discussion” area below.

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