Ever heard the advice that “Every problem is a gift”? Easy to say, harder to actually see things that way, especially in music! It turns out there are two key ingredients you need, to make that perspective shift easy.

Join Christopher and the Next Level coaching team to discover the latest tips, tricks and techniques you can use to advance in your own musical life.

In this episode:

  • Camilo shares a major breakthrough on saxophone – through a small tweak to singing.
  • Andy talks about the idea that “every problem is a gift” and reveals the two ingredients you need to actually make that shift.
  • Zac shares how to transform the sometimes-scary metronome into your best buddy.
  • And Andrew discusses connecting with different layers of rhythm through really getting in touch with your inner pulse

All that and more, in this week’s episode of Coaches Corner!

TIP: Look out for just one little idea or insight from everything that’s shared which resonates with you – and then go put it to use!

Watch the episode:

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Imagine if every problem in your musical life was actually a gift... Here are the two key ingredients you need, to make that happen.