When you improvise music, does it come from your head, your hands, your hearing, your heart?

If you know us at Musical U, you know, we have our H4 model with Head, Hands, Hearing, and Heart. And when we’re teaching improvisation or creativity, that’s where we’re coming from, factoring in all of those things. But of course, that’s not the only way to think about improvising.

One of my favourite music educators, David Reed over at Improvise For Real, has his own methodology, his own perspective on it. And in today’s clip from our conversation that we started last week, I want to share with you a couple of quotes we discussed that touch on this topic.

Where does the improvisation come from? Where can it come from? Where should it come from? Because a lot of musicians find themselves trying to learn improv and getting stuck or frustrated or really not feeling the flow of it.

Watch the episode:

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What's going on when you improvise? Is it about theory, scales, listening, instinct, or something else? Christopher and David unpack it all.