Whether you are a singer, instrumentalist or percussionist we have some excellent music resources to help your ear training and musical growth this Thanksgiving weekend.

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Become a Karaoke Queen (or King)

how-to-learn-to-sing-in-tuneMany people, for one reason or another, are left wondering why they can’t sing in tune. The good news is that unless you are tone deaf (a condition called amusia that only affects 3% of the population) you do have the potential to sing in tune. You just need some guidance and practice to get there. This week we published a comprehensive guide on “How to Learn to Sing in Tune” with 4 simple steps to help you develop those singing skills you thought you’d never have.

songwriting-tips how to express yourself through musicFor the budding song-writers among you our friends over at Musical U have just published 5 tips to help you develop your songwriting. Check our their article “Songwriting Tips: How to Express Yourself Through Music”

Jazz solos… Hear them? Then play them!

How_to_play_jazz_solos_Mark_MeronekThe ultimate challenge for jazz soloists is to share the beautiful solo they have arranged in their head with their audience through their instrument. Mark Meronek from Pianobreaks.com shared his view on how ear training allows you to “improvise from the heart (using your ears).” Check out his advice on interval and chord ear training and also using singing to help improvisation in his article “How to Actually Play the Jazz Solos You Hear in Your Head”.

Talking Rhythm

Talking Rhythm: Series RecapThis week the last part in the “Talking Rhythm” series recaps everything covered so far. See how far you have progressed by working through these jazz and rock exercises in “Talking Rhythm: Series Recap”.

Open your ears to a serving of grooveIf you are in the mood for some groovy rhythms you will love the 5-song set we chose for our active listening exercise this week: “Open Your Ears to a Serving of Groove”. Get ready to dance, sway and then sit back and relax.

We hope that these articles will inspire you to sing, write, improvise and groove this holiday weekend! Remember to play with confidence and have some fun. On that note we will leave you with our favourite quote from the Musical U Facebook page this week:

Every artist was first an amateur

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