Open Your Ears

If you want to make your active listening practice a bit more groovy we’ve got just what you need. In today’s 5 Song Set exploration let’s feast our ears on the awesome songs of Episode 99: Another Serving of Groove.

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One thing about groove is it drives you to swing your arms, sway your head, or move your whole body with the rhythm. Although the rhythmic pattern may be repetitive or simple, the band’s collaboration can make the whole package superb and amazing explosion for our ears!

1. Madrid Boogie by VenueConnection


Connected by the groove… From the vocals, to the keyboard, drums, bass guitar, and trumpet – everything is connected! This creation is a delight to my ears.

The keyboard has a mellow touch in this song, yet it creates a bridge between the powerful vocals and the beat of the drums and funky bass guitar. The horns, on the other hand, add a brilliant occasionally effect spread out across the song.

This song is perfect for when you are out connecting with friends. It will surely make everyone’s head bop, hands clap and arms get raising in the air singing “Ola, ola, yeah!” If you loved the original check out this live version too.

2. Empty Me Out by Liz Vice


The next song was interesting enough to me that it made me scramble to find the lyrics. Led by a talented vocalist, you will never find your attention wandering from the music with this one!

Listen to how the tambourine in the chorus part of the song makes it more intense and lively. I played this song with my earphones plugged tightly into my ears and it was such a great experience. Both keyboard and guitar are precisely and articulately played – and the gentle percussion outro is a perfect ending to round off this smooth track.

3. The Green Cage by Ratatouille


I love how the horn section plays in this song. I think it’s what makes this song stand out. The vocals also have a distinctive effect in the song. Although it’s a mellow kind of groove the drums and keyboard add a little kick to the song. The organ-like keyboard adds to the smooth groove. If you’re listening you’ll find it’s not that loud but still perfect to drag your feet and make you dance a little cha-cha.

4. Dig This by 2000 Tons of TNT


This song does not have any vocals but the keyboard is played as though it’s the voice of the whole song. I think the guitars are played with a pinch of “reggae feel” and strong groove. The drums are in a simple rhythmic beat. The song is laid back and quieter than the other songs in this 5 song set, but definitely far from boring. If you’re in the mood to sit back and relax, the oldies feel of the keyboard of this song will make you close your eyes and just chill.


5. Whirling Dervish by The ThoughtCriminals


The song opens with the stripped-down beat of drums and guitar riff. This song is a combination of groove and rap. The style is entertaining with two vocalists responding to each other over the backing of drums and guitar established at the start.

Like the whirling dervish of the title, the rhythm and the beat is unstoppably continuous in this song. The distorted guitar in the verses has a strong yet lush sound which fits well with the strong lyrics and story of the song. As the song progresses, I noticed the soft lead guitar maintaining a subtle atmosphere throughout. And with a song this strong what better way to end it than with a “grave.”

We have another set of songs today showcasing the talented musicians from all over the world. The groove is one aspect of music where we can really hear how talented and creative musicians can be. How they can work a simple rhythm up into a memorable and powerful song. Powerful enough to make you jive and dance – or just simply sit back and relax. I recommend downloading these songs for a serving of quality music while supporting these fantastic artists to continue their groove!